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Schedule of Activities for
Sunday, October 1st

2:30 PM

Extended Musical Prayer and Meditation

Facilitated by Daniel Kepel
Mr. Daniel Kepel

Daniel Kepel (He/him) AKA ‘The Singing Violinist’, is a singer-songwriter, musician, performer, and teacher, with a passion for positive music, and an eclectic style all his own. 

Classically trained in London and Cambridge, England, he now serves as Music Minister at Unity in the Seven Hills in Lynchburg, VA, and teaches violin, viola, and voice. His intention is to spread peace, positivity, and personal power through his ministry and the message of his music. He is in demand as a musician and speaker, and regularly travels to other Unity churches, accompanied by his lovely wife, Paula.

2:20PM Comfort Break / Movement Break

3:00 PM

“Moment to Moment” Youth and Family Ministry Training & Connections

Facilitated by Janell Renshaw – LUT and Unity Eastern Region Youth Consultant
Presented individually for $47 (inclusive of Prayer and Meditation and Training & Connections) or as part of the full conference.

How is it possible to stay in the moment in a world that grabs every single second of your attention? And in this world of busyness, is it possible that we have acquired so many badges of busyness that we have become insensitive to our needs and others?

How well does this serve your ministry, your congregation, your life and the youth you serve?

Life will not wait for you. It’s happening in every moment of your existence. The question is, will you be there?

If you are unsure if you fall into this category, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Are there moments you miss, avoid or gloss over?
  • Do you find yourself saying everything’s fine or agreeing to things you regret?
  • I’ll do it when I (fill in the blank)

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time to bring “who you are” and “what’s happening” into alignment.

Our time together will be a reflective experience of the thoughts held in mind that steal our capacity to stay in the moments of love, joy, happiness, sadness, and grief.

We will dive into how the body and mind work together and a physical experience of meditation in motion to support bringing them into alignment, resulting in fully honoring every moment of your life. 

Janell Renshaw, LUT

Hello! I am Spirit-led with extensive experience in youth-related environments and progressive skills in the area of Adolescent Behavior. I am professional, grounded and able to implement new functions and practices rapidly without compromising integrity. I am organized and meticulous with the ability to communicate effectively in a wide variety of situations. A quality educator who teaches from the heart with superior interpersonal skills, able to communicate expectations and policies clearly for the youth population, co-workers, and outside agencies. Extensive knowledge and personal experience of Unity principles. Best known for the ability to create instant rapport and understanding with youth and adults, thereby facilitating positive outcomes.

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