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Schedule of Activities for
Thursday, October 5th

10:00 AM

Extended Musical Prayer and Meditation

Facilitated by Daniel Kepel
Mr. Daniel Kepel

Daniel Kepel (He/him) AKA ‘The Singing Violinist’, is a singer-songwriter, musician, performer, and teacher, with a passion for positive music, and an eclectic style all his own. 

Classically trained in London and Cambridge, England, he now serves as Music Minister at Unity in the Seven Hills in Lynchburg, VA, and teaches violin, viola, and voice. His intention is to spread peace, positivity, and personal power through his ministry and the message of his music. He is in demand as a musician and speaker, and regularly travels to other Unity churches, accompanied by his lovely wife, Paula.

10:20AM Comfort Break / Movement Break

10:30 AM

SubConscious Bias and How That Influences our Behavior

Facilitated by Claire Tse
Presented individually for $47 (inclusive with Extended Prayer and Meditation) or as part of the full conference.

Utilizing story, video, polls and small groups, Claire Tse will lead us through an interactive experience of revealing where we are stuck, releasing our stuckness and joyfully embracing the fullness experienced beyond tolerance. 

Through a series of questions and discussion, we will discover what our subconscious bias are and if we are willing to be open to another way.

Are we welcoming as individuals and do we think our communities are welcoming?

How can we create more authentic engagement?

What is ours to do and be to experience a renewing shared journey.

Claire Tse

Claire Tse is a Senior Consultant based in Reston, VA. Her well-received, results-oriented learning programs include an infusion of global cultural intelligence and emotional quotient competency. Some of her workshops focus on Creativity & Innovation, Subconscious Bias, Global Team Cohesiveness, Cultural IQ, Transgender 101, Influencing Through Storytelling, and Resiliency. Her workshops have contributed to increased talent retention, improved business processes and have assisted leaders to facilitate culture change, using balanced techniques to honor both people and process.

Current clients include Fortune 100 companies, government and nonprofit organizations, with the majority of clients in executive roles. Claire has clients in the US, the UK, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, China, Colombia and Brazil. Her early years as Mobil Oil’s first Asian woman Marketer, offered Claire 15 years of in-house corporate life.

Claire earned her Psychology B.A. From Columbia University and a Masters from University of Maryland University College. She has taught at the Georgetown University Center for Professional Development. Claire is the co-author of “The SOLVE Communication™ Method” to support intercultural understanding via culturally respectful dialogue.

1:00 PM

Unity Ethics

Facilitated by Rev. Pat Bessey
Presented individually for $47 or as part of the full conference.
Part of your fee for this session will be donated to the Unity Accessibility Project in memory of Rev. Joy Wyler.

Have you ever wondered why not everyone sees the solution to an ethical problem the same way you do?  I have been sharing new information that I have recently learned with my friends, and they have never heard of what I told them. Come to Unity Ethics and you will have an opportunity to solve an ethical dilemma in a small group and test what I have recently learned.

We will also review the current ethics policy and other policies that have currently been implemented by Unity Worldwide Ministries. 

Rev. Pat Bessey UWMER Ministry Consultant

Rev. Pat Bessey is the Unity Eastern Region Ministry Consultant, was ordained as a Unity Minister in 1965, and currently is the Senior Minister at Unity Center for Spiritual Growth in Windham, Maine.

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