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Schedule of Activities for
Tuesday, October 3rd

10:00 AM

Extended Musical Prayer and Meditation

Facilitated by Rev. Britt Hall and Spiritus

10:20AM Comfort Break / Movement Break

10:30 AM

Unity Eastern Region Business Meeting with Eastern Region Board and Consultants

Presented for a Love Offering

The Eastern Region Business Meeting is an opportunity to share in what is going on in our region, elect board members and more. This session is being presented with English to Spanish translation.

Join us for the opportunity to vote for board members, hear about our events and services from our consultants and more. See information about voting delegates from the excerpt of the UWMER Bylaws below.


Categories of Membership:

a. Individual Members are:

1) Any ordained or licensed Minister in good standing with Unity Worldwide Ministries, who lives or is employed in the geographical area designated by Unity Worldwide Ministries as the Eastern Region.

2) Any Licensed Unity Teacher in good standing with Unity Worldwide Ministries, who is serving a Unity Ministry or sponsored by a Unity Minister in good standing, in the geographical area designated by Unity Worldwide Ministries as the Eastern Region. Inactive Licensed Unity Teachers are welcome as non-voting members of the Eastern Region.

3) Any Spiritual Leader of an active Unity Ministry authorized by and in good standing with Unity Worldwide Ministries.

b. Organizational Members are any Ministry authorized by and in good standing with Unity Worldwide Ministries.

2. Voting at any Annual or Special meeting:

a. Every individual Member of UWMER shall have one vote.

b. Up to Two (2) lay delegates selected by the Board of Trustees of each Member Ministry shall have a vote.

c. Member Ministries shall be limited to a total of five (5) votes including the Minister(s) and Licensed Unity Teacher(s) in good standing in the Ministry. When the potential for more than five votes exists, the Member Ministry’s Board of Trustees will determine who the voting delegates are.

NOTE:  Lay delegates must provide a letter on ministry letterhead and signed by Minister or Board President no later than September 11, 2023.

2:00 PM

Creating Life Anew

Facilitated by Rev. Cynthia James
Presented individually for $47 or as part of the full conference.

People are searching for answers on how to stay anchored in spiritual principals and navigate a constantly changing world. Let’s get real with what was, what was interrupted and what wants to be revealed. Rev. Cynthia will invite us into a personal and community exploration of how we best utilize the times we are traversing to harness change for good. We will explore what needs to be recognized and authentically released while embracing non- attachment and innovative recreation. She will support us in creating a plan to live a joyful life and what that would look like.

Rev. Cynthia James

Cynthia is a transformational and emotional integration leadership coach.  She is an inspirational leader, guiding people to make changes at a deep level for lasting healing. Cynthia excels as a speaker, coach, singer, composer and multiple award-winning author of What Will Set You Free and Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence and #1 Amazon Bestseller for I Choose Me: The Art of Being a Phenomenally Successful Woman at Home and at Work. Her newest book, “Does My Voice Matter” will be released in 2022.

Cynthia James embodies the quote “I am not what I have done.  I am what I have become;” and, she leads others to do the same.  Her own life was transformed as she transcended a violent and abusive childhood. Through education and personal healing, she created the foundation for all her programs. Her work in self-care strategies and emotional integration support leaders, women and organizations internationally.

For more information about Cynthia and her work:

6:00 PM

Answers to the Question You Didn’t Know to Ask

Facilitated by Rev Jim Rosemergy with Special Music from Sahffi
Presented individually for $57 or as part of the full conference.

The pandemic has changed our lives and altered how we approach ministry and life. There is no going back to business as usual before Covid. As we emerge from this difficult time, we have been asking what the next months and years ahead will reveal. While this is a good question, it is not THE question.

In our shared journey of renewal, we will acquaint ourselves with THE question and allow our answers to shape the ministry of the 21st century.

I will draw on my forty years of ministerial experience in this workshop to assist in the renewal of our approach to ministry. Our goal is to heal, value, and unite people, so we may rejoice in the years ahead in ministry.

This is what I have discovered through the years. Ministry can assist with releasing the pain from so much change and healing, so that people feel valued and united. This shift in consciousness not only helps seekers reveal and face the challenges of human experience and spiritual life. It is a foundation of renewal for unprecedented growth and power. A renewal of consciousness is not confined to a spiritual community’s campus; it is a gift offered to the community at large.

So let it be revealed…

  • How healing really works
  • The Great Question
  • A Plan for Wholeness
  • Walk and Whisper
  • The power of leadership in times of crisis
  • The joy of gatherings of two or three
  • Why ministry is a God thing

Thought Starters

  1. As the isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic progressed, ministers, board members, and congregants often asked, “What will ministry look like when the pandemic ends? What will be the shape and form of ministry in Unity in the years to come?”

    These are important questions, but is there a better question? The questions above imply change, but is there a question that brings us back to a query that persists through the ages in the minds and hearts of ministers, board members and congregants? 

  2. Does the following statement impact your answer to the questions posed above?

    The work of ministry is not about the ministry; it is about the people.

  3. If there were deep and essential thoughts, feelings, and issues moving in those you serve, how would you discover these thoughts, feelings, and issues?

  4. What did Emilie Cady believe was the reason for all of humanity’s challenges?

  5. Ministers, Licensed Unity Teachers, and Spiritual Leaders assume many roles as they serve their fellow spiritual seekers. Of all the many things we do, what is the most important?

  6. In New Thought, in the area of human challenge called Prosperity, we often speak of demonstration. We demonstrate healing, we get healed; we demonstrate a new job, we get employed; we demonstrate/we get …

    Would it have made a difference if our emphasis was not acquisition, but generosity, not getting, but giving? Consider a generous congregation rather than one who demonstrates. Or perhaps we redefine demonstration to be giving rather than getting. What effect would this redefinition and shift in consciousness have on our Movement?

  7. “I will not ask you to do anything that I am not willing to do.”  Never has a sentence with a double negative had so much meaning. Have you ever said this to those you serve? This statement defines the most important activity of a spiritual leader. What is it?

  8. We are Unity! The name of our Movement was a gift from God to Charles Fillmore—A gift to us, a gift to the world. Before we Zoom together during our upcoming conference, please hold the word Unity tenderly in your mind and heart. Consider all the words that can be derived from unity. Ponder Unity, explore the word as if it has within it a hidden treasure … because it does!

I can hardly wait to begin our adventure together. I wish there was a way we could be together holding hands, holding one another, brimming with love for one another and for the joyous work that is ours to do. For now, it is not to be, but as you can see, we have more than enough to do in a couple of hours. Buckle up! I will not ask you to do anything that I am not willing to do.  

In Joyous Service,

Rev. Jim Rosemergy

Rev. Jim was ordained a Unity minister in 1976 and served the Unity Movement for over 40 years. He retired from active ministry in 2017 after being the senior minister at Unity of Fort Myers in Fort Myers, FL. During his ministerial career, he pioneered two ministries, served an additional three churches, was President of the Association of Unity Churches and the Executive Vice President of Unity’s World Headquarters at Unity Village.

Rev. Jim is the author of 16 books and was a columnist of Unity Magazine for over 20 years. He is the recipient of the Light of God Expressing Award, one of Unity’s highest honors.

He is an explorer of the kingdom of God, for his focus in ministry is the spiritual birth of the individual and the spiritual awakening of the human family. Since the beginning, prayer and meditation have led him into the mystical way of life and its practical application of daily living.

Jim is married to his beloved, Nancy, and together they have two amazing sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law and two sweet granddaughters. Jim and Nancy enjoy hiking, golf and kayaking and the wonders and silence of nature.

Important Information About the Fall Conference