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Lesley Smith

Durham NH

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Guest Speaker


NE Foundation for the Arts Touring Artist, Founding Member of Unity on the River in Amesbury MA, Interim Music Director Unity On The River, Connection Practice Trainer, Healing Answers Practitioner



Keynotes, Concerts and Workshops

“Heart Powered Miracles: The journey of Love on the LIGHTer side.”
“Healing Answers: Tapping into Guidance”
“Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone: Global Citizenship”

One Act Musical Comedy (Often offered as a night of Comedy and Desserts)
“Just Breathe: The Quest For a Little Piece of Mind… and Chocolate.”

“Greater Love Concert”: An Evening of Music, Laughter, and Aha’s with Lesley Smith and Her Special Guests

“Heart Powered Miracles: Deep Dive for Healing”
“The Game of Life and How to Play It”
“Free to Be: Finding Your Funny and Other Good Stuff”


Rev Shipley Allison: Retired Minister Unity on the River, Amesbury MA shipleyliesel@gmail.comRev Tony Cryer: Unity of Cape Cod, Hyannis MA. Jackie Woodside: Speaker, Best Selling Author, Vibe Tribe. info@jackiewoodside.comLinda Cruse: Award winning Humanitarian Worker, Author, Creator global Race4Good.

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Heart Powered Miracles Talk:
“Greater Love Concert Clips”:
“Just Breathe: The Quest For A Little Piece of Mind…and Chocolate”: