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Special Speaker Series: The Audacity!

Join us for the 4-Part Special Speaker Series:
The Audacity!

Facilitated by Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett, award-winning New Thought author and Unity minister

This series is produced by Unity Worldwide Ministries Eastern Region to support our ongoing mission of providing more resources to ministries.

  • As support for a minister taking time off on Sundays;
  • Or for a resource during minister sabbaticals;
  • Or for ministries who don’t currently have a minister;
  • Or for a mid-week discussion group;
  • Or instead of a book study group;
  • Or for a study group to provide a four-week theme;
  • Or as supplemental material for a class or workshop;
  • Or . . . You tell us how you are going to use it! We’d love to hear.

We are offering this series based on a sliding scale basis to make it accessible for as many as possible. Once you own the series, use it in your best way(s).

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About the Series

Published in 2015, Divine Audacity has been a primer for practical application of Unity’s 12 Powers. Divine Audacity teaches that we can activate, cultivate, and demonstrate our spiritual capacities in any circumstance. In this series, I want to explore ways we can employ our powers when faced with BIG issues that are among the top reasons people call Silent Unity for prayer. How can we thrive no matter our circumstances; forgive when it seems impossible; heal thoughts that keep our focus on what’s gone wrong; and stand in truth as we take a stand for our values?

Whether driven by need or curiosity, whether feeling stuck on a matter or appreciating the next insight, you are invited to explore The Audacity!

This four part series includes the following topics:

PART 1:The Audacity to Thrive (30 min)

You’ve no doubt heard about prosperity: It’s not about money! You’re right, it’s not about money. It’s about counteracting primal human insecurity, insufficiency, and worthlessness. It’s about accepting our full and rightful identity and cultivating a “plenty” consciousness. Anything you want? Anything you need? Let’s start at the very beginning with the ABC’s of thriving.

PART 2:The Audacity to Forgive (27 min)

How many times have you thought, I’ve forgiven them, only to be struck with more feelings days later? Something doesn’t feel right about the idea of letting a wrong-doer off the hook. And all the nice things we’ve been taught about how to forgive, such as “forgive and forget” and it’s about giving-love-for—whatever that means, they don’t make sense. Let’s find a better way.

PART 3:The Audacity to Heal (27 min)

When something unwanted is happening, it’s easy to believe that something could be missing, wrong, or broken about me. Belief that healing is out of my hands, that healing happens to me, perpetuates a consciousness of victimhood and helplessness. These and other confusions are addressed in this message based upon my book, This Life is Yours, all about healing.

PART 4:The Audacity to Stand (26 min)

Why is one person able to stand steady in the winds of change while another one gets tossed around? Why does one person shrink back while another steps forward in a moment of tension? Why does someone give up while another in similar circumstances keeps going? I have some thoughts about the great power of spiritual strength.

About Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett

Award-winning New Thought author and Unity minister, Linda Martella-Whitsett teaches that we are here to be the light of the world. Her message promotes humanity’s innate capacities with which to respond to life’s circumstances in spiritual maturity. Linda recently retired from six years in an executive role at Unity World Headquarters leading Unity’s 24/7 global prayer ministry, Silent Unity. In years prior, Linda served Unity communities in Omaha, Nebraska and San Antonio, Texas.

Learn more at

Rev. Linda’s books, published by Hampton Roads and available on Amazon:

Discover Your Divinity: A Modern Guide to Affirmative Prayer – Buy on Amazon

How to Pray Without Talking to God: Moment by Moment, Choice by Choice – Buy on Amazon

Divine Audacity: Dare to be the Light of the World – Buy on Amazon

This Life is Yours: Discover Your Power, Claim Your Wholeness and Heal Your Life – Buy on Amazon

Series Cost & Access:

  • $100 minimum per series purchase. We ask you to consider your normal Sunday speaker budget when determining your offering.
  • Access to download each series part provided after purchase is complete.
  • Full license to use the series in any capacity your ministry or organization sees fit.
  • Lifetime access on a membership level to series materials at Unity Eastern Region website.

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