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Special Speaker Series: The Golden Thread of Universal Truth

Join us for the 4-Part Special Speaker Series:
The Golden Thread of Universal Truth

Facilitated by Rev. Paul John Roach, award-winning New Thought author and Unity minister

This series is produced by Unity Worldwide Ministries Eastern Region to support our ongoing mission of providing more resources to ministries.

  • As support for a minister taking time off on Sundays;
  • Or for a resource during minister sabbaticals;
  • Or for ministries who don’t currently have a minister;
  • Or for a mid-week discussion group;
  • Or instead of a book study group;
  • Or for a study group to provide a four-week theme;
  • Or as supplemental material for a class or workshop;
  • Or . . . You tell us how you are going to use it! We’d love to hear.

We are offering this series based on a sliding scale basis to make it accessible for as many as possible. Once you own the series, use it in your best way(s).

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About the Series

For me the golden thread of universal oneness is the heart of the spiritual path. My book, Unity and World Religions, is a summation of a lifetime of study, teaching and practice, focusing on this essential truth of oneness within all religions. It is the key to understanding who we are and how to live a happy and transformed life.

In this series we will explore four themes that are relevant to our spiritual unfoldment and pertinent to all Unity Truth students. We will look at Unity’s relationship with Christianity, how to demystify eastern religions, the nature and importance of Interfaith understanding, and how to have a direct experience of the Truth.

This four part series includes the following topics:

PART 1:Unity’s Relationship with Christianity (37 mins)

Unity’s founders were both Christian in background but also studied a wide variety of paths, religions and philosophies while creating and developing the Unity movement. We will look at how the Unity Truth Principles fit with Christianity and what roles Jesus Christ and Christ Consciousness play in Unity. We will approach these topics specifically as they relate to our personal spiritual path.

PART 2:Demystifying Eastern Religions (35 mins)

How many times have you thought, I’ve forgiven them, only to be struck with more feelings days later? Something doesn’t feel right about the idea of letting a wrong-doer off the hook. And all the nice things we’ve been taught about how to forgive, such as “forgive and forget” and it’s about giving-love-for—whatever that means, they don’t make sense. Let’s find a better way.

We will look at themes in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Sufism that are part of the golden thread that unites all spiritual paths, and can give greater clarity to our own spiritual journey.

PART 3:Interfaith and Unity (37 mins)

Unity has always found commonalities with world religions and spiritual paths. Interfaith and intercultural understanding and dialogue are crucially important to overcoming separation and creating greater peace in the world and in our own hearts.

We will explore how to successfully develop an interfaith approach while still holding to the integrity of our own chosen path.

PART 4:Direct Experience of the Truth (29 mins)

Studying Truth Principles and gaining deeper understanding is wonderful. Sometimes, though, we can gain an intellectual understanding of Truth but find it difficult to put that knowledge into practice in our lives and in our relationships.

We will look at several ways to help us gain a direction experience of Truth that integrates the head with the heart. This integration can help avoid traps like spiritual bypassing and spiritual arrogance and help bring more peace, humility and compassion into our lives.

About Rev. Paul John Roach


Paul John Roach is a native of Wales, UK.

A graduate of Jesus College, Oxford University, Paul has BA and MA degrees in English and a postgraduate degree in Education from the University of Wales. Paul was ordained at Unity Ministerial School in Kansas City, Missouri in 1988.

Paul served as the Senior Minister at Unity of Fort Worth from 1988 until retiring in 2018. He has also served the Unity movement on several boards and teams including the board of Unity World Headquarters.

Paul hosted a podcast entitled World Spirituality, with Rev. Paul John Roach for 14 years, interviewing spiritual leaders and authors from around the world. The podcasts are archived on Podbean, Spotify, and Apple.

Paul is the author of the award winning book  Unity and World Religions which focuses on the perennial philosophy within all spiritual traditions. He has written a number of articles for Unity Magazine and other publications. He is currently working on his second book about his journey to India in 1976.

Paul has traveled extensively throughout the world including extended stays in India and Nepal. His interests include writing, poetry, ecological social action, birding, bicycling, walking, hiking, and gardening. Paul believes joy, laughter, and gratitude are essential qualities on the spiritual path.

Paul was married to Davis Hoffman-Roach from 1978 until her death in 2003. They have one daughter, Miriam. Paul married Wendy Vann in 2006. She is a retired builder, artist, and sailor, and active in service to the local community. Wendy has one daughter, Nataleigh. Together they have four grandchildren.

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