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Scholarship awards in the Eastern Region are a key component of our mission to serve, nurture and support ministries. We award scholarships in two areas:

General Scholarship

General Scholarships are designed to foster leadership in individuals seeking licensing and/or ordination in ministerial paths or pursuit of Licensed Unity Teacher status. Scholarship applicants must already be accepted into one of these Leadership paths before completing the Scholarship application.

Fall Conference Scholarship

Fall Conference Scholarships are for the purpose of supporting ministers, licensed Unity Teachers, and other lay leadership in ministries to be able to attend Fall Conference who might not otherwise be able to attend. Ministers geographically new to the Eastern Region and retiring ministers are automatically eligible and others will be considered upon completing the Fall Conference Scholarship application.

In the last 2 years the Eastern Region has awarded more than 70 full and/or partial scholarships in these two areas.

The Eastern Region budgets each year for a certain percentage of scholarship monies and we also offer registrants for all of our events and programs the opportunity to donate to the scholarship funds so we can keep seeding the funds.