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Special Speaker Series: Everyday Wisdom

Join us for the 4-Part Special Speaker Series: Everyday Wisdom

Facilitated by Rev. Kathy Beasley, Associate Minister, Unity of Central Florida and Operations Manager, Unity Prayer Ministry

This series is produced by Unity Worldwide Ministries Eastern Region to support our ongoing mission of providing more resources to ministries.

  • As support for a minister taking time off on Sundays;
  • Or for a resource during minister sabbaticals;
  • Or for ministries who don’t currently have a minister;
  • Or for a mid-week discussion group;
  • Or instead of a book study group;
  • Or for a study group to provide a four-week theme;
  • Or as supplemental material for a class or workshop;
  • Or . . . You tell us how you are going to use it! We’d love to hear.

We are offering this series based on a sliding scale basis to make it accessible for as many as possible. Once you own the series, use it in your best way(s).

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About the Series

In my life, I have had a lot of information come my way, and I have acquired a good deal of knowledge in learning. I recently thought, “How can I use what I know to make a bigger difference?” The answer to the question showed up in what I call Everyday Wisdom, which is more than just having or being exposed to knowledge; I believe it is the will to apply it in ways which stir up the goodness within us all. During the Everyday Wisdom Series, I will take a lighthearted look at life, leadership, relationships, and creativity, through my commitment to always keep it Relational, Empowering, Affirming, and Loving (REAL).

This four part series includes the following topics:

PART 1:Be Still & Grow! (48 min)

Have you ever felt stuck and unable to move forward? Maybe it’s a job, a relationship, or even life. Whatever it is, the feeling of being stagnant can feel overwhelming. But there is hope! We can all find peace and clarity in the stillness between the breaths, the tears, and the thoughts and allow ourselves to be loved fully into being.

PART 2:Joy as Resistance: Finding Hope and Healing in Times of Struggle (31 min)

Sometimes I find it hard to tap into joy. But when faced with the weight of life, tragedy, trauma, and personal loss—I need either a way out or an anchor. Joy has become my latest tool of resistance and is often an invitation to meet myself at the edge of suffering without feeling shame or guilt for experiencing moments of lightness or delight.

PART 3:The Power of Bold Declarations – Speaking the Words that Shape Our Lives (30 min)

Have you ever wondered why some things always happen to certain people? Do you believe that everything that happens to us results from our words? It may not be a popular belief, and Truly I tell you, there is power in the words we say daily. Making bold declarations and speaking the Truth that supports our “right now existence” can transform our lives and calls more of our goodness into being.

PART 4:Please Pass the Bread! A Tribute to the Communal Element of Being Bread in a Hungry World (23 min)

Nothing quite says “home” to me like the smell of Bread. Filling a room with its warmth, freshly baked Bread has served as a welcoming invitation in our home to stay a while, slow down, and enjoy good company. The delicious scent swirling through the air, the warmth emanating from the oven, and the sight of Bread on a table promise satisfaction and comfort. For centuries, freshly baked Bread has been an integral part of any meal, and its presence signifies a place where good food and good people come together. I invite you to join me in reimagining the communal element of Bread seated around the table and explore what it means to be blessed, broken, and shared with the known and the unknown humanity of others.

About Rev. Kathy Beasley

Rev. Kathy has worked for over a decade, helping businesses and organizations determine how to succeed. Employees from the break room to the boardroom understand how they fit into the big picture. She and her family reside in the Orlando, FL, Metropolitan Area. Her work has included serving as the Director of Technology Service Innovation for one of the country’s largest healthcare systems and Senior Minister of the Central Florida Center for Spiritual Living.

Rev. Kathy is an avid blogger, out-of-the-box thinker, practical & public theologian, self-described “digital evangelist,” transformational leader, and author. Her writings can be found among those in the Unity Special publications, and she serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Unity Urban Ministerial School.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management and has studied Pastoral Theology and Emerging Ministry at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, MA; and is a 2018 graduate of the Unity Urban Ministerial School and an ordained Unity, Religious Science (CSL) and Divine Science Minister.

Rev. Kathy serves as the Associate Minister of Unity of Central Florida and the Operations & Training Manager for the Unity Prayer Ministry.

Series Cost & Access:

  • $100 minimum per series purchase. We ask you to consider your normal Sunday speaker budget when determining your offering.
  • Access to download each new series part as they become available on the specified release date.
  • Full license to use the series in any capacity your ministry or organization sees fit.
  • Lifetime access on a membership level to series materials at Unity Eastern Region website.

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