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Dr. Roxanne Daleo

Harvard MA

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Mailing Address: Dr. Roxanne Daleo P.O. Box 145 Harvard, MA 01451

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Biographical Background Roxanne Daleo, Ph.D. is a Health Educator with specialized training in relaxation and stress reduction techniques from the Harvard Medical School, Division of Behavioral Medicine. Her expertise is based on over 20 years of experience with chronic and terminally ill, meeting the emotional needs of children and adults using expressive arts therapies both at Boston Children’s Hospital and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Dr. Daleo’s doctoral studies took an anthropological, cross-cultural approach in the use of symbols for healing from the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. Dr. Daleo is best known as creator of the highly acclaimed, MindWorks for Children: Guided Imagery Relaxation Journeys. She continues to design and produce audio-visual programs for patient education, health promotion and expressive arts. She sits on the Board of Directors for the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA) as Co-Chair of Educational Resources Committee. Since 2009, she has extensive experience as resource and as guest speaker for Unity on-line radio.



Dr. Daleo’s work combines evidence-based mind/body techniques with expressive arts and has been recognized as one of the most
powerful methods for awakening natural healing from within. Check out her website blog posts for an extensive list of topics with practical applications and tactics for kids, parents and teachers. Here are some of her popular speaking titles:

Using Your Energy Wisely: How To Access Your Internal Source of Strength, Love and Creativity
Raising a Miracle-Minded Child: 4 Simple Ways To Calm Down and Awaken Resilience
Out of the Blue: How to Relieve Depression And Welcome the Unexpected
Kintsugi: A Beautiful Art to Explain the Difficult in Our Lives to Children and To Ourselves


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Dr. Roxanne has been a Radio Guest since 2008-the following are her most recent Unity On-line Radio Shows:
Rev. Temple Hayes:The Intentional Spirit: Seeing and Being – “Helping Kids Heal Anxiety” (Oct. 2019)
Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon: Creative Spirit – “Crafting Calm” (July 2017)
Lisa Natoli: Living in Joy – “Spirituality & Children” (June 2017)

Dr. Roxanne has written for Daily Word “The Faith of a Child” May-June 2013 issue
and Unity Magazine, Expressions- “The Proof is in the Pediatric Ward” which appeared in the Nov.-Dec. 2019 issue