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Charles Lee

Middletown PA

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Guest Speaker


Life!! Ordained through Mind of Christ Ministries.



Man In The Mirror – It is time to be the change that we want to see in the world.
Ride The Wind – The Living KIngdom.
Economic Liberation – Sometimes what seems to be loss, is really freedom.
Mysteries of The Book of The Revelation – A guide to personal transformation
You Are Enough – The Power of Self Acceptance
The Security of Uncertainty”. It is when we are uncertain of an outcome, and what to do, that we are most powerful
Truth VS Reality – How reality can be subjugated by subjective “truth”
The Wonders of Co-Creation. A metaphysical look at Adam and Eve.
The Sacred Journey. Accepting your life as it is.


Stephanie Seigh, Unity of PalmyraRev. Daniel R. Landis – Unity of HarrisburgRev. Joy Wyler – Former Minister of Unity of Lehigh ValleyAnthony Young – Music Director – Unity of Lehigh ValleyKate McCutchan – Music Director – Unity of Harrisburg

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