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Norman Hogeland

Baltimore MD 21208

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I have a new website which is where people are able to listen to and purchase songs on my new album! Have 2 of my six musical recordings currently on iTunes for sale Am available on several streaming services, including--Spotify, Apple Music

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Have given talks at two Unity churches, using my songs to illustrate the topic.


Religious Science Practitioner- over 10 years.



I enjoy working with ministers, finding out the topic of their Sunday talk or sermon
and using my own songs to illustrate that topic. My songs vary widely from bold and
exciting to quiet and reflective. I welcome people to sing along. Many of the songs
have parts that are very easy for the audience to pick up.


Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson, Senior Minister, CSL Greater 301-218-6334Rev. Terry Dearmore, former minister, Unity Center of Peace in Clifton, 405-371-0778Ms. Jean O’Hara, life enrichment coordinator at The Nursing & Rehab. Center AtStadium Place, Baltimore, MD410-554-9890/ex. 203

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Have two of my six albums available for purchase on iTunes.
I am also available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and several others.
I have at least two videos on YouTube.

All of the above are under the name Norm Hogeland