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Rev. Tony Cryer

Unity on Cape Cod 147 Walton Ave. Massachusetts

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The New Genesis Foundation/ New Thought Ministry

Soon to be Ordained with Unity Worldwide Ministries Field Ministry Path



To relieve humankind from the false sense of separation which pervades our world is, in my opinion, the greatest hope for our awakening. I can speak on any topic; but it always come back to the vision of a world powerfully transformed by the growing movement of our shared spiritual awakening.


Cherie Ruffo, Kathleen Kerswig, Rev. Sharon Ketchum, Rev. Shawn Moninger, Rev. Carlos Anderson, Rev. Betty Walker, Rev. Pat Bessey, James Twyman, Denise DeSimone, Stowe Daily and Karen Taylor Good, Rev. Marylou Palmer, Rev. Steve Cordry, Jack Leyden, Oriana Camish, Adam Sutton, Karen Lilly, Kathleen Smith-Brown, James Kershner, Lisa Natoli, Vicki Thomas and many more.

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