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John Stringer

Atlanta GA

Booking - Kathy Stringer or 404.668.9895

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Guest Speaker


Teacher “ordained” by Source (smile)



A list of past talk titles:

Alignment with Source
Four Levels of Creation
Integration & Emotional Healing
Releasing Attachment to Expectations
Peace Be Still: Listening to the Knowing
Desire, Intention & Levels of Manifestation
Intuitive Systems: Going beyond Limited Conditioned Thinking
Principles of Creation: From Fulfillment to Achievement
How to Sweat it? Desperation, Perspiration, Inspiration
The Perfection of Reliance: 3 Keys
The Truth About You: Typical vs Spiritual
How & Why “We Shall Overcome”
All Things Work Together For My Good
Your Soul’s Blueprint & The Perfection of Now
Divine Genius: Claiming More of Your Birthright
Letting Go of the Unlasting
Awakening to Our Immutable Innocence
Practical Practice for Impractical Possibilities
From Trauma to Triumph: Choosing Your Life Story
Consciousness, Form & The Law of Choices
Greatness, Spirituality & Genius
Expansion and Ascension through Alignment
Creating Expansion & Ascension
Clarity of Intention
Letting Go of Lower Levels of Consciousness
Alignment & Integration
Letting Go of Limitations
Prosperity Now
Experiencing Desire & Clear Intentions through Alignment
Authentic vs Illusory Perfection
Transcendence……From real to REAL!
“Real to Real”
Alignment & Instant Manifestation Mastery
Awakening to Our Immutable Innocence
4 Levels of Creation & Manifestation
From the appearingly Mundane to the Sacred: Oneness
Trusting the Knowing through Alignment
Alignment, Trust & Knowing
Oneness through Alignment & Integration
Integration: How does it feel?
Integration: The Next Level
Surrender to your Self
Experiencing the I AM


Lori Matlock, Coordinator of Services, Resources, and Events, Unity Church of Mesa – Rev. Jeanne MacLaughlin, Senior Minister, Unity Church of Sun Lakes – or 480-374-0111

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