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Rev. Beverly Saunders Biddle

District Heights MD

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Ordained Minister of Spiritual Consciousness, Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, 2003. Been active in Unity sinc 1988.



Keys to Intentional Living
What brings your resolutions or intentions to life? How do we overcome the stumbling blocks that often derail our best plans? This workshop supports us in learning to harness the Universal energy through intention and to align with the principles of Reality Creation for the purposes of manifesting our heart’s desires.

What’s Love Got to Do With It? Building and Sustaining Lasting, Loving Relationships
As a Minister and Spiritual Life Coach, Rev. Beve supports couples to enjoy more fulfilling relationships. And as a wife in a 27-year relationship, she is often asked “what’s the secret?” There is no secret; just skills, tools, and principles that work. This workshop teaches how to build and sustain lasting loving relationships. It takes more than love.

God’s Law: Keys to Abundant Living
In the Book of Jeremiah, it is written “I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it on their hearts, and I will be their God and they shall be my people.” Just what is God’s Law” How do we follow it when we may not understand what it is? This class supports us in knowing God’s Law and how it operates in our life, affairs, and world; and, supports us in living more abundantly.

Setting Your Trap for God: A Prayer Workshop
Often many of us think we don’t know how to pray, that we could never pray in front of anyone else, or that we joust don’t know how to express to God what is really on our minds and in our hearts. We get so caught up in what we think prayer is supposed to look like, sound like, be like that we can’t even pray – or at least that is what we believe. This workshop will be a wonderful experience designed to usher us into the consciousness of prayer and support us in moving beyond perceived obstacles to effectual prayer.

Bible Study: Women in the Bible
When we think of women in the Bible, we tend to focus upon Eve, Sarah, Lot’s wife, Esther, Ruth, and “the Marys”. There were numerous women in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. however, so many of them were unnamed, “names but not known”, or give “colorful” descriptions (concubine, handmaiden, harlot, etc.), This class will broaden our understanding of women in the Bible and what their lives hold for us as we move forward on our journey as Spiritual Warriors and Spiritual Activists. This is not just for women. It’s Women in the Bible; not Women’s Bible Study.

Set Yourself Up to Be Transformed
What does being transformed mean to us and for our lives? What are we willing to do, and who are we willing to be? This class is designed to support us to consciously live so that we honor God, who God is in us, and who we are in God. It supports forward movement such that we are living the fullness of life — the life that we truly desire. It opens us to be transformed by taking daily steps to manifest it in our lives.

Just Do You
Who do we think we are? Perhaps more importantly, who do we think we’re not? This workshop supports us in moving toward consistently standing in the fullness of all God created us to be. Tools are presented for our spiritual toolbox to overcome barriers to living authentically and to align with our divine identity and purpose.

Keep a True Lent
Facilitating a devotional process based upon Charles Fillmore’s classic: Keep a True Lent.


Rev. Sylvia E. Sumter, Senior Minister, Unity of Washington, DCRev. Sheryl McCullough, COO, and LUT, Unity of Washington, DCRev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant, Founder, and Director, Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, Silver Spring, MDRev. Jim Webb, Senior Minister, Takoma Park Chapel, Silver Spring, MDRev. Milledge Mosby, Senior Minister, Unity Center of Light, Bowie, MDRev. Michele Synegal, Former Senior Minister, Spiritual Empowerment Center, Baltimore, MD

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