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Rev. Jack Fowler

New Orleans Louisiana

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Universal Life Church / Ministerial Classes with Holmes Institute (Science of Mind)



‘You Are A Creative Genius’ – Interactive workshop that delves into the creative power that is found in everyone. Whether a musician, actor, accountant or CEO, we are all part of this co-created 3D experience and many of our most vital creative powers lay dormant within us! We’ll explore together the reasons that we’re afraid to use our powerful gifts and learn that it’s never too late to call on these gifts to create a magical experience for ourselves and therefore the world.
This gathering concludes with all participants being part of writing life-affirming songs/chants, experiencing what happens when we let go of pre-conceived ideas of what creativity really is! 90-120 minutes

‘Imagine That’ – A mind opening look at the writings of authors/teachers that have spoken on the extraordinary power of the imagination. Almost every spiritual master has spoken of this power that lies within all of us. Charles Fillmore said ‘Imagination gives us the ability to project ourselves through time and space and rise above all limitations! Einstein, that super smart guy, quipped ‘Your imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions’ Focusing on the incredible writings and recordings of Neville Goddard, this workshop empowers and challenges our current ideas about how we use this extraordinary power to literally ‘imagine’ anything into existence, without exception. Everything we see has been created twice; absolutely nothing exists in our world unless it has first been formed in the imagination. 90-120 minutes

‘GodRave’ – A fun, heart-opening, interactive workshop that uses physical movement, drumming, even yoga along with the most powerful vibration in the world; music! Think of a ‘cosmic disco’ where the body, mind and Spirit are transported to another dimension filled with laughter, connection and spontaneous movement. Life-affirming dance music, instant ‘remixes’ of chants like ‘You Are the Face of God’ are included. 90 minutes

‘Taize / Meditation’ – A sacred, interactive time of music, chanting and prayer. I’ve led many of these beautiful services at various churches, spiritual centers and conferences around the world. 60-90 minutes


Rev. Paulette PipeRev. Jamie Saunders, Unity of Pensacola, FLRev. Judy Voght, Unity of Gulfport, MSRev. Dean Isley, Unity on the Mountain, Huntsville, ALRev. David AultKaren DruckerRev. David Bruner, San Jose Center for Spiritual LivingRev. Michelle Medrano, Mile Hi Center for Spiritual LivingSue Riley, EmPower Music and ArtsRichard Mekdeci, Empower Music and ArtsRev. John McLean, Unity of Nashville (Retired)

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‘A Sound Called Unity- The Twelve Powers Movie’ – I am a speaker/teacher in this film, along with other ministers and spiritual teachers.

Unity of Metairie – Live Streamed Sunday Celebration Service 4.11.2021