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YOU Sponsor Code of Ethics

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I, as a Youth of Unity Sponsor, dedicate myself to the principles of Truth as taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ, and interpreted by Unity School of Christianity and the Association of Unity Churches.

I dedicate and consecrate myself to expressing the living Christ and honoring the Christ expression in others. I look to the indwelling Christ for inspiration to guide, govern, and prosper me and to behold the divinity in all people and situations.

I emphasize the importance of prayer, contemplation, and reflection. My own prayer consciousness demon- strates my dedication to God.

I teach Unity teachings. I come prepared for all lessons and activities. I prepare Y.O.U.ers for events by helping them to understand what the event is about, how it functions, the importance of agreements, and by helping them clarify their own personal and spiritual growth expectations.

I adhere to all church policies and state laws. I undertake activities that support the ministry in which I serve, and the Regional and International Representatives. Should I disagree with their plans or leadership styles, I will first address the issue directly with them, rather than speaking about it with others.

I hold sacred my role as Sponsor and agree not to assume the role of professional counselor. I am not involved in Y.O.U. to be “one of them”, or to be seen as a parent, or to “fix” anyone. Nor will I use Y.O.U. as my support group. I realize that my highest role is to pray with, support, and encourage Y.O.U.ers to live to their Christ potential. I create an atmosphere of love, safety, and support.

I respect and hold sacred all participants’ expectation of confidentiality when sharing, informing them in advance of my one obligation to report any threat of harm to oneself or to others.

My behavior sets the highest example, not compromising the integrity of the Y.O.U. experience in any way. Specifically, in my role as Sponsor:

My words and expressions honor the Christ in all people. I do not tell jokes or speak words that contain sexual innuendoes or dishonor any race or ethnic group.

  • I use my role to be an encourager and supporter. I do not engage in put-downs or in any physical, mental, emotional or sexual harassment.
  • I do not prolong hugs or return/initiate a kiss.
  • I do not touch anyone in a sexual manner, including but not limited to, the genitals, buttocks, or breasts.
  • I am not with teens or adults in any compromising location or situation.
  • I exercise good judgment in regard to my relationships so as to invite only the highest respect.
  • I do not use illegal substances; I do not use alcohol before or during YOU activities.
  • I truthfully, accurately, and in a timely manner complete all forms and requirements for events.

I recognize, honor and accept the values of the Association of Unity Churches, Youth of Unity and this Code of Ethics. I will to the best of my ability, uphold the Youth of Unity’s values, mission, vision, and goals in service to this ministry.

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